A Dog Breed

This is the list of Dog Breed starting name with A letter.

Breed Origin Image
Affenpinscher Germany, France Affenpinscher.jpg
Afghan Hound Afghanistan Afghan Hound.jpg
Africanis South Africa Canis Africanis.jpg
Aidi Morocco Aidi.jpg
Airedale Terrier England Airedale Terrier.jpg
Akbash Dog Turkey Turkish akbash.jpg
Akita Inu Japan Akita11b.jpg
Alano Espanol Spain Alano-espanol-0003.jpg
Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog United States Alapahabulldog.jpg
Alaskan Husky United States Goose-Alaskan Husky.jpg
Alaskan Klee Kai United States WOWAKK-Kukai-Alaskan-Klee-Kai.jpg
Alaskan Malamute United States Alaskanmalamute0b.jpg
Alpine Dachsbracke Austria Alpejski gończy krótkonożny g99.jpg
Alsatian Shepalute United States CanyonAS.jpg
American Akita Japan American akita.jpg
American Bulldog United States Saylor's Doc Holliday.jpg
American Cocker Spaniel United States AmericanCockerSpaniel wb.jpg
American Eskimo Dog United States American Eskimo Dog.jpg
American Foxhound United States AmericanFoxhound2.jpg
American Hairless Terrier United States TagnonPond9-6-03.jpg
American Staffordshire Terrier United States Amstafford.jpg
American Water Spaniel United States Chien d'eau americain champion 1.JPG
Anatolian Shepherd Dog Turkey Anatolian 589.jpg
Anglo-Français de
Petite Vénerie
France Anglo-Français de petite vénerie.jpg
Appenzeller Sennenhund Switzerland Appenzeller czerń 045.jpg
Argentine Dogo Argentina Dogo.jpg
Ariege Pointer France Pointer of Ariege from 1915.JPG
Ariegeois France Gończy 059.jpg
Artois Hound France D'Artois Hound1.jpg
Australian Cattle Dog Australia AustrCattleDogBlue wb.jpg
Australian Kelpie Australia Hilu.jpg
Australian Shepherd Dog United States Redtriaussie01.jpg
Australian Silky Terrier Australia Silkyterrier125.jpg
Australian Terrier Australia Australian Terrier 002 U.jpg
Austrian Black and Tan Hound Australia Brandlbracke.JPG
Austrian Pinscher Australia Pinczer austiacki 678.jpg
Azawakh Mali Azawakh-Red male black mantle.jpg

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