Alano Espanol, Spanish Bulldog

Alano Espanol, sometimes called the Spanish Bulldog in English, is a very large breed of dog of the molosser dog type, originating in Spain. The breed is best known for its former use during Spanish bullfights.

Alano Espanol Appearance

The Alano Espanol is a very large dog of the Molosser type, with a large, strong head. Males should be no smaller than 60 centimetres (24 in) at the withers, and should weigh 38–45 kilograms (84–99 lb) with females somewhat smaller.

The Alano Espanol coat is short and thick, and is most often a brindle of any color, including red, bayo (a yellow bay), blue or grey. White patches are not typical. The face may or may not have a black mask.

The muzzle is short with the lower jaw slightly concave, and has a very large, broad, black nose. The ears are set high and may be drop or cut short. The skin is very thick, with neck folds and some wrinkles on the face.

Alano Espanol Health

The Alano Espanol dog breed is also newly recognized as having a record of health issues. However, the restoration of the breed started with an extremely small number of animals, so problems associated with inbreeding may appear. All large dogs should be tested for hip dysplasia before being bred.

Alano Espanol Temperament

Since the breed was used for hunting in packs, it is very sociable with other dogs. All large dogs must be well socialized with humans and other animals when young, if they are to be safely kept as pets. Large working dogs such as the Alano Espanol need regular training and activity all of their lives.

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