Alsatian Shepalute

The Alsatian Shepalute is a large breed of domestic dog (Canis lupus familiaris) originating in the United States of America prized for its calm, quiet demeanor and intelligent, loving devotion to its human family. Although this breed started from purebred Alaskan Malamute, German Shepherd Dog, English Mastiff, Anatolian Shepherd and Great Pyrenees lines, through selective breeding, these dogs have evolved into large companion dogs, making them the only large breed of dog originally bred for this purpose. Although the Alsatian Shepalute can be trained to work and some have been successful as wilderness search and rescue dogs, this breed does not possess a strong desire for the physical demands of most dog endeavors. The Alsatian Shepalute is most suited for the gentle work of therapy dogs or Reading Assistance Education dogs (READ dogs).

Alsatian Shepalute Appearance

The Alsatian Shepalute is bred to resemble, in size and bone structure, the extinct Dire Wolf of the Middle to Late Pleistocene. As such, the head is very broad and large with a slight slope down to the muzzle. The Alsatian Shepalute has a wide dark muzzle housing strong white teeth. The nose is deep black, with any color variations faulted. The eyes are almond-shaped and light brown to yellow in color. The ears are erect and short in comparison to the body. They are set wide apart, tipped with black and will fold back in shame and turn in any direction aware of the sounds around them. The Alsatian Shepalute neck is well-muscled, short in length and thick in circumference. The shoulders are slightly sloping and set wide apart to accommodate the depth and width of the chest. The large feet are heavy, with slightly splayed toes to support the dog's weight. The Alsatian Shepalute legs are massive and round. Any indication of unsoundness in the legs is considered a serious fault. The tail lies flat and does not curve over the back of the body. It is tipped with black and reaches to the hock. Alsatian Shepalutes have a thicker, denser undercoat, which completely sheds out in the spring and summer. They also possess a longer, coarser outer coat with a light color and black tips. All skin pigmentation should remain dark.

Alsatian Shepalute Size

The Alsatian Shepalute is solidly built and should have a large defining stature. Adult males weigh 79 to 120 pounds (36 to 54 kg) and stand on average 25 to 28 inches (63 to 71 cm) tall. Females are smaller, weighing 75 to 100 pounds (34 to 45 kg) pounds and standing 24 to 27 inches (61 to 69 cm) tall. The overall length of the Alsatian Shepalute is longer than tall.

Coat Colors

Colors range from gold to silver sable, timber wolf gray being the most desirable. Cream and black sable coloring has also been seen in a few dogs, but remains very rare overall.

Alsatian Shepalute Health

The Alsatian Shepalute lives an average of 12–14 years. Eye and ear problems have never been experienced in any Alsatian Shepalute and panosteitis, a genetic disease causing limping in young dogs, has not been seen in any dog since 1994. No known hip or elbow dysplasia has been seen in any Alsatian Shepalute since 1996. Two dogs from the Vegas/Urich lines in 2003 experienced severe arthritis. In 2009, one 4 month old puppy was shown to have seizures for one week immediately following the rabies shot.

Alsatian Shepalute Temperament

The Alsatian Shepalute is a calm dog with a low working drive. It does not initiate play unless encouraged. True to the personality of smaller dogs bred for companionship, the Alsatian Shepalute enjoys snuggling and being close to its owners. The Alsatian Shepalute is friendly with a tendency to be more aloof with unknown children and pets. However, the Alsatian Shepalute is not aggressive or fearful. While outdoors, these loving dogs will not wander or roam the neighborhood, choosing instead to stay close to their pack and their home. True companions, these dogs are sensitive to the smallest sound and respond well to light correction. Thunderstorms and loud noises do not bother them.

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