M Dog Breed List

The List of Dog Breed (M)

Breed Origin Image

Magyar Agar Hungary, Transylvania Magyar agár male.jpg
Maltese Dog Italy Maltese 600.jpg
Manchester Terrier England Mancherster Terrier.jpg
Maremma Sheepdog Italy Cane Pastore Abruzzese Abruzzo.jpg
McNab Dog United States McNab (dog).jpg
Mexican Hairless Dog Mexico Mexico.Xoloitzcuintle.01.jpg
Miniature Australian Shepherd United States Miniature Australian Shepherd red tricolour.jpg
Miniature Pinscher Germany Gotti.JPG
Miniature Schnauzer Germany Miniature Schnauzer 02.jpg
Miniature Siberian Husky United States Miniaturesiberianhusky.JPG
Mioritic Romania Mioritic.jpg
Moscow Watchdog Union of Soviet Socialist Republics Moscowwatchdog.jpg
Mountain Cur United States MountainCur.jpg
Mountain View Cur United States Mountain View Cur.jpg
Mudi Hungary Hondenras Mudi.jpg
Mudhol Hound India Closeupfire.jpg
Large Münsterländer Germany GrosserMuensterlaender.jpg
Small Münsterländer Germany Kleiner Munsterlander edit.jpg
Murray River Curly Coated Retriever Australia Image-Murray.jpg

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