Mountain Cur

The Mountain Cur is a type of working dog that's mainly used as a "Bay dog" in the sport of wild boar hunting. The majority of Mountain Curs are bred specifically for treeing and trailing small game, like squirrel and raccoons. They're also used for hunting big game like bear and wild boar as well being just an all-purpose farm dog. Curs are a member of the Hound group and is one of several varieties of cur. They can also be used as water dogs. Mainly bred in Ohio, Kentucky, Virginia, and Tennessee, it has been registered with the United Kennel Club since 1998. The Mountain Cur Breeder's Association was formed in 1957.


  • Coat: Heavy, medium short.
  • Color: Brindle, black, dark brown, black and brindle, yellow and can have white points
  • Head: Broad square with top being a flat plane between the high set ears.
  • Eyes:Green, blue, or dark brown, expressive.
  • Ears:Short to medium with a high set and tightly controlled.
  • Muzzle: Heavy with wide nares. Teeth form a scissor like bite.
  • Body: Stocky, muscular, square and slightly longer than it is tall. The tail can be docked but long enough to form a handle for show. 50% or more of pups are born with a bobbed or naturally short tail.
  • Legs: Straight, medium long, muscular capable of speed.
  • Feet: Oval shaped, muscled with feline-like pads. Can have back dew claws.


The Mountain Cur is intelligent dog breeds, easily trained, and neither vicious nor shy. They tend to be very energetic and generally do not make good indoor pets. They are known to always try to please their masters. They are not however dogs to be trifled with, historically many a cur died fighting to protect his family from hostile natives and dangerous predators.

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