White English Bulldog

The White English Bulldog is a very old and rare breed of dog that originated in the Southern United States. Said to be the original bulldog from England unchanged. Surviving in isolated pockets of the South. Hence the name White English Bulldog.

They were original bred for farm utility work. They would guard the farm, control unruly cattle as well as catch farmers hogs that were raised free range. Some were used for hunting everything from raccoon,squirrels and even wild boar. All were used as family guardians and companions. Some were used by farmers to herd live stock and protect them from predictors.

The White English Bulldog is also known as: English Whites, Southern Whites, Old Southern Whites, Hill Bulls, American Bulldogs(forebear of the original American Bulldog), and several additional names according to the location from which they came. The White English Bulldog has always been, and continues to be, a farm utility dog, as well as a trusted family guardian and companion.

White English Bulldogs should be alert, outgoing, confident and under total control at all times. Minor dog aggression is not considered a fault as long as the dog can be brought under control.

Disqualifications: Uncontrollable dog aggression and uncontrollable aggression towards handler and judge. Excessive shyness. A vicious dog shall be deemed vicious if refusing to be approached by the judge for full examination. A shy dog shall be deemed shy if refusing to stand for examination or shrinks away from the judge.

WEBPs: Loyal and fiercely protective of its master, the master's family, property, livestock and especially the children. A non-dominant dog that does not require a firm handed master, the WEB is submissive to its master and master's family, especially children. The WEB is aloof with and untrusting of strangers, does not require much attention or activity, often appearing relaxed. Highly intelligent and intuitive, the WEB requires little to no training.

The White English Bulldog like other Bull breeds has some health issues. Although less than most Bull breeds. Many common problems are hip dysplasia , deafness (which is culled early by reputable breeders) elongated soft palates and some skin issues.

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