Stephens' Stock Cur

The Stephens Cur (Stephens' Stock Cur), is a scent hound that belongs to the Cur dog breed. They were originally bred by the Stephens' family in southeastern Kentucky. The dogs known as "little darkies" were bred by generations of that family for over a century. In 1970, they were recognized as separate and distinct breed of Cur. The dog is mostly black with white markings, but more than a third white is not permissible. It's good for hunting raccoon and squirrel, but can also be used to bay wild boars. They are registered with the United Kennel Club, and the Continental Kennel Club.

A Stephens Cur is usually dark grey or black with white markings on the chest, neck and feet. The breed has a dome shaped head with a short muzzle and brown or dark colored eyes. They have a deep broad chest, medium length neck and have either a smooth or rough coat.

They are a medium sized dog, with Mountain Cur and Blackmouth Cur being larger varieties of Cur type dogs, the Stephens' Breeders Association standard requires the dogs to be between 16–23 inches (41–58 cm) in height and no heavier than 55 pounds (25 kg).

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