Saarlooswolfhond - Saarloos Wolfdog

The Saarlooswolfhond ("Saarloos Wolfdog") is an established breed of wolf-dog hybrid.

The Saarlooswolfhond is a fairly large dog, up to 76 cm at the shoulder and weighing up to 45 kg. The muzzle is wide, and the ears pointed and held erect. It is an athletic dog in build, with medium bone, and a strong and muscular body. Its coat is short and dense, providing superb protection from the weather. The colour of the dog's coat, however, can vary between black, tan, red, white, silver, or blue. The Saarloos has wolf-like expressions, as well as a wolf-like head.

Due to its size and strength, the Saarlooswolfhond is only recommended for experienced dog owners. Most owners have at least two Saarloos to provide the necessary pack, because the animals are still pack-oriented. The breed is very intelligent. Isolation intensifies anti-social behavior, and these dogs will panic if locked in an enclosed space.

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