Pyrenean Mastiff

The Pyrenean Mastiff (Mastín del Pirineo) is a large breed of dog originally from the Aragon Pyrenees in Spain.

Pyrenean Mastiff Description

The Pyrenean Mastiff is a very large dog, males 77cm (30in) and females 71cm (28in) at the withers, although they can be up to 81cm (32in). They have a heavy white coat with large darker spots. The average weight is about 180 pounds, although males can often weigh over 220 pounds.

Pyrenean Mastiff Temperament

This strong, rustic breed is self-reliant and calm. It is even-tempered and docile at home and is protective with children. It is gentle with other dogs as well as other pets and people he knows. However, if challenged, the Pyrenean Mastiff will not hesitate to defend its family or itself from a perceived threat. Although it is gentle and kind with a loving temperament, it takes its work seriously and needs a strong, experienced leader. Certainly this large breed should be socialized from puppyhood to encourage confidence, but it will always be in its nature to remain suspicious of strangers.

The Pyrenean Mastiff should be trained with reward-based, positive lessons from as early an age as possible. This teaches it to pay attention to people. It is generally an independent-minded dog, and without understanding that its owner calls the shots, it may decide that it's its job.

Pyrenean Mastiff Grooming

The Pyrenean Mastiff's longish coat needs regular brushing and combing. It is a regular shedder, too, so the more frequently it's brushed, the less shedding there will be. Its ears should be kept clean and dry, as should the areas around its eyes.

Pyrenean Mastiff Exercise

The Pyrenean Mastiff doesn't require a great deal of exercise, but it will become bored and restless without a sufficient amount. Several daily walks will give it the opportunity it needs to check its surroundings and get exercise. Outings are also a great way to socialize the Pyrenean Mastiff, who becomes gentler and more trusting with every friend it makes along the way.

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