Polish Hound

The Polish Hound is a hound-like hunting breed of dog that is indigenous to Poland.

They are 50 to 70 pounds & 22 to 26 inches tall at the shoulders. They are black and tan with a short dense coat.


The Polish Hound is a breed of medium to large scenthound with an impressive muscular body. The subtle stature of a female easily distinguishes it from the rather heavy conformation of a male. On the trail a female can be differentiated from a male because of its higher pitched voice. With the strong bone structure and the compact build it is apparent that this breed has strength and endurance. The Polish Hound has a noble head with a distinctive wrinkled forehead. The elongated and truncated muzzle is neither pointed nor wedge shaped. The muzzle is tipped by the large wide black nose. This dog has strong jaws, thick drooping lips and teeth that meet in a regular bite. Slanted dark brown eyes have a gentle and serene expression. Rather long ears with slightly rounded tips are set low and hang close to the head.

A Polish Hound has a thick powerful and well muscled neck with loose and richly folded dewlap. This breed has a muscled long broad back, wide deep chest, well sprung ribs and capacious belly. The abdomen is slightly tucked up. The thick tail is low set. The lower part of the tail is covered with long hair. The tail is normally raised but not rolled up. On the move and when the dog is alert, the tail is raised but not above the horizontal line of the body.

Polish Hounds have thick medium length hair with dense undercoat. Longer hair covers the dog's back, the back of the hindquarters and the lower part of the tail. A Polish Hound's podzary (burnt) tan coat color is much appreciated by Polish hunters although this breed can have a black or dark grey body, tan legs, head and ears. White hair that forms a star or a blaze that extends to the muzzle and chest gives the dog a distinct appearance.

Polish Hounds are tenacious hunters. But aside from being outstanding hunters, these dogs are equally good in being home companions. These are gentle, affectionate and loyal pets that make excellent companions and playmates of the children. This dog tolerates other dogs and other pets of the family. The dog does not have an aggressive behavior but it is also loyal to the family. This would mean that the dog would protect the family and the property if necessary. The dog would not fail to sound the alarm if and when an intruder is detected. Moreover, the massive size as well as the resonant voice will deter any intruder. This dog would do well in a rural or urban setting. A Polish Hound does not have a very high exercise requirement. Long walks would keep the dog fit.

A Polish Hound is an easy dog to care for. The slightly longer hair protects the dog from harsh weather conditions but it does not need extensive grooming. This breed does not shed much. Regular brushing with a firm bristled brush would remove dead hair and maintain the good condition of the coat. As with any other breeds, frequent bathing is not necessary. A damp cloth will be sufficient to clean the dog. However, the pendulous ears must be given more attention. Regular cleaning would be necessary to prevent ear infections.

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