Pachon Navarro

The Pachon Navarro is a dog breeds of Spanish hunting dog (Old Spanish Pointer; Perdiguero Navarro; Navarro Pointer; and, Pachon De Victoria), has the unusual feature of a split or double nose. It is believed that this unusual nose gives this dog extra sensitivity to smells, a primary reason it was chosen as a hunting dog.

It appears to be a normal dog's nose, but with the nostrils separated by a band of skin and fur dividing the nose all the way to the dog's upper lip. The Pachon Navarro split nose is much less conspicuous than it is on the Andean dogs.

The modern Pachon Navarro is a braque-type hunting dog which points game. It has short hair that may be liver and white, or orange and white, commonly ticked like the coat of most German Shorthaired Pointers. The head and large patches on the coat are generally solid-colored.

With a broad head, the dog is a substantial animal, around 27-33 kilograms and 48-57 centimeters tall. The ears are long.

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