Norwegian Buhund

The Norwegian Buhund is a breeds of dog of the spitz type. It is closely related to the Icelandic Sheepdog and the Jämthund. In Norwegian, hund means dog and bu refers to both homestead and livestock.


The Norwegian Buhund ranges in size from about 17 to 18 inches, and from 30 to 40 lbs, the coat being wheaten. The wheaten color has a variety of shades ranging from light to almost red and with various degrees of shading from dark tipped hairs, including wolf sable, which is recognized in the UK as a separate color.


The Norwegian Buhund is friendly and fun-loving and gets along with both people and other animals.They are very gentle with the young and elderly. They are alert, agile, vigiliant, cheerful, active, untiring, intelligent, attentive and quick learners. They possess a good amount of energy, making them good for dog sports, jogging, and playing ball. They also enjoy running around in the snow during the winter.


When Vikings died they were often buried alongside their prized possessions. Norwegian Buhunds have been discovered in many ancient burial grounds. The Buhunds not only herded cattle and sheep but they also guarded farms and hunted bears and wolves. They were buried with their owners to protect them in the afterlife. Buhunds also travelled with the Vikings, evidence of them has been found on land and at sea.

The first Buhund show was held at Jæren in Norway in the 1920s. The Norsk Buhundklubb was established in 1939.

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