Istrian Shorthaired Hound

The Istrian Shorthaired Hound is a dog breed from Istria in Croatia, descended from a very old type of scenthound. The Istrian Shorthaired Hound is the slightly smaller counterpart to the longer coated Istrian Coarse-haired Hound from the same region.

The Istrian Shorthaired Hound has a short, smooth, glossy hard coat, primarily white with sparse patches of orange. The breed has a typical well muscled hound body, with long legs and a long tail. The head is faily broad and flat (not domed on top) with short (for a hound) triangular drop ears that hang close to the head, a type called typically east European.

The ideal height for an adult dog is 50 cm (19.5 ins) at the withers and weight is about 18 kg (40 lbs), female slightly smaller.

The cry or baying while hunting (important for a scenthound) is described as persistent and sharp.

No specific health problems or claims of extraordinary health have been documented for this dog breed. The ideal temperament according to the standard is docile and calm, and lively and enthusiastic when hunting.

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