Cheapest Dog Insurance

Buying cheapest dog insurance is about much more than covering veterinary fees in the event of illness or injury by buying cheap insurance cover. The important is when you get all of your dog insurance policies provide public liability protection and insure both young and old dogs insurance.

When you looking for cheapest dog insurance, we has some great deals to offer. We've teamed up with leading dog insurance companies to offer policies that cover a wide range of animals including dogs, cats, horses and rabbits.

Animal Friends Insurance
Animal Friends Insurance should be your first choice for ethical pet insurance cover. AFI is the only UK pet insurer to donate 100% of net profits to helping animal charities worldwide and would encourage you to visit ethos and charity pages if you would like to know more about how AFI do business.

Seven policy options for dogs and cats from just £3.27 a month to lifetime cover offering up to £40,000 per condition. Older pets insured at any age. Choice of excess. Multi pet discount. Animal Friends are pet insurance specialists; claims handled in house at our UK call centre ensuring quick settlement direct to you or your vet. And we help animal welfare charities worldwide with our profits, so buy online now.

Accidental damage cover - should your pooch cause accidental damage to a third party’s personal property, Advertising and Reward is also paid out should your friend run away or be doggie napped! These are only some of the additional benefits AFI offer with our cover.

Pet Liability Cover:
You are currently not held liable for any actions resulting from a cat, however if your dog causes damage to someone else's property, or runs into the road and as a result causes an accident, you could find yourself liable to pay compensation to the affected parties. Costs such as these can spiral into the hundreds-of-thousands of pounds, and that is why public liability cover is essential. AFI dog insurance policies provide a minimum of £1.5 million in public liability cover, ensuring you are not saddled with the bill should such an event occur.

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