Hungarian Hound

The Hungarian Hound is a dog breeds originating in Hungary. It was originally kept by Hungarian kings and princes for hunting various game (i.e. foxes, boar, etc).

The dog is very sleek in appearance. They carry themselves in a very erect and upright manner which lends itself to their regal heritage. Generally, the coat is black and tan (sometimes with white patches). The chest area underside is tan and/ or white, and the feet are tan or black. The hair is short (about 2 inches) and very course. The eyes are a dark brown with patches of tan above, and the ears are similar to those of a beagle (wide at mid-point, and then taper to a rounded-v shape). Sizes: Large: 70-75 lb on average. Small: 50-55 lb average weight.

The dog breeds is extremely loyal and friendly. They are very good natured and well mannered with both people and other dogs. They form strong attachments to their owners and are very protective of family members. It is very protective of its immediate territory (i.e. owners' house and yard), and will appear very ferocious with an intimidating bark and growl towards strangers; however, it will immediately accept anyone who is invited into the area by its owners. They enjoy constant companionship and tend to remain in the presence of their owners.

The Hungarian Hound is an extremely intelligent breed, and is easily trained. They are good at problem solving.

In the beginning of the twentieth century, the breed was nearly extinct and new efforts in 1968 began to save it. The only area outside of Hungary where it exists is in Transylvania.

Transylvanian Hound, Short

Region: Transylvania

Height: 18-22 inches

COAT: Short and coarse

Color: Red and tan (with a brown nose); small amounts of white acceptable

Other names: Copoi Ardelenesc, Erdelyi Kopo, Short Hungarian Hound

Group: Hound

Transylvanian Hound, Tall

Region: Transilvania

Weight: 66-77 pounds

Height: 22-26 inches

Coat: Short and coarse

Color: Black and tan

Other names: Copoi Ardelenesc, Erdelyi Kopo, Tall Hungarian Hound

Registry: 241. számú FCI standard

Group: Hound

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