Grand Anglo-Francais Blanc et Noir

The Grand anglo-francais blanc et noir (FCI No.323) translated into English as the Great Anglo-Francais White and Black Hound, is a dog breeds used in hunting as a scenthound, usually in packs. It is one of the Anglo-French hound breeds which were created by crossing French scenthounds with English (Anglo) foxhounds.

A big, powerful hound in general appearance, with long legs, long drop ears, and a long tail. Their short, double coat is tricolour, black, white and tan. They stand 62-72 cm (24.4-28 ins) at the withers.

Coat color is white with a black mantle and black markings, including black or blue ticking on the body and tan ticking on the lower legs. Frequently a tan marking is found on the base of the upper thigh, which is called the 'roe buck mark'. Faults are listed as deviations in appearance or structure that have an effect on the health and working ability of the dog, as well as the appearance, and indicate that the dog with such faults should not be bred. Some of the faults listed are aggression or shyness, lack of pigmentation, off-colour, excessive dewlap, and frail limbs.

No unusual health problems or claims of extraordinary health have been documented for this breed. Temperament of individual dogs may vary, but in general dogs bred to be pack hunting dogs do not make good pets.

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