German Spaniel

The German Spaniel, also known as the Deutscher Wachtelhund, is a dog breeds that was developed in Germany, and is used as a gundog.

The Deutscher Wachtelhund is a strong boned, muscular, medium sized gundog with long thick wavy hair. It is solidly-built which allows it to retrieve heavy game such as hares and foxes. The ears are fairly long and should reach from half way to the nose, to the tip of the nose. The size is approximately 18 to 22 inches. Body length, nose to base of tail is twice the height. It is slightly larger than the Springer Spaniel. The coat is short and fine on the head, and of long on the body, where it is strong, thick, wavy or curly, with enough undercoat to provide protection. It is well feathered.

The Deutscher Wachtelhund is an exceptional versatile gundog. They are used to hunt upland game, will match the retrieving ability of any other breed, excel at tracking and blood trailing large game. All round bird dogs and will hunt all other types of game. Vibrant friendly personality, intelligent, aggressive hunters, and love water work. In some cases they can be very strong for their size.

German Spaniel Size:

Males: 18 7/8 to 21 1/4 inches (46-54 cm.)
Females : 17 3/4 to 20 1/2 inches (44-52 cm.)
Weight: 44 to 66 pounds (20-28 kg.)

German Spaniel Color:
Red, Liver, Black, Gray, Fawn, White, Blue roan, Brown, and Dark Brown

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