English Coonhound, Hunting Dog

The English Coonhound "Redtick Coonhound" is a dog breeds. It is a type of coonhound that is typically bred in the southern United States.

This dog breed was originally classified and registered as the English Fox and Coonhound prior to the specialization of the six breeds of coonhounds. The recognition in the 1940s by the United Kennel Club of Bluetick and Treeing Walker coonhounds as distinct breeds led to the paring down of the English Coonhound classification. The breed originated in the southeastern United States where they were bred from American and English Foxhounds, other European hunting breeds, and native dogs for the purpose of trailing and treeing a variety of animals.

English Coonhound Appearance

Unlike the other classifications of coonhounds, a variety of colorations is acceptable to meet English coonhound breed standards. Coloration can be redtick, bluetick, tricolored and tricolored with ticking. However, red markings are predominant and "Redtick" is a common euphemism for English Coonhounds. Some people believe this lack of emphasis on specific coloration has allowed breeders to focus breeding programs on traits such as intelligence and hunting ability rather than superficial concerns like coat standards. Color variations are common even amongst pups from the same litter of English coonhounds, indicating high levels of DNA diversity in the dog breeds.

English Coonhound Temperament

Like all coonhounds, English are generally good natured and very sociable dogs. Skittishness or aggression is considered a defect according to UKC breed standards. They are strong willed, if not stubborn, and require more patience in training than other breeds. Young dogs are usually extremely active and playful and desirous of human attention in addition to requiring plenty of exercise. English Coonhounds are incessant nesters and should be avoided by people who do not wish to have dogs on couches and beds. They make excellent family pets as they have been bred for hunting purposes to coexist amiably within a pack. English Coonhounds also make adequate watch dogs as they possess extremely loud hound mouths characterized by melodious, drawn out bawls and short, explosive chops.

English Coonhound for Hunting

English Coonhounds are often kept as hunting dogs used to trail and tree animals, primarily raccoons. They also compete in competition hunts known as "nite" hunts, the largest of which are English Days and Southern English Days which also feature show competitions and water trials.

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