Danish Swedish Farmdog

Dansk Svensk Gardshund (Danish Swedish Farmdog) is a dog breeds that has its origin in Denmark and Sweden, but now has become popular all over Scandinavia. DSG is an old native breed which historically lived on farms in the northern part of Denmark and southern Sweden, serving as a farmdog, guarding their people, farmed animals and the farm itself from strangers and intruders, catching rats and as a hunting dog. There are some indications that the breed originates from the Pinscher breeds and the British white hunting terriers. DSG has a soft and gentle temper, but still has the strength to guard its family.

The dog breeds standard says that a Dansk Svensk Gardshund (Danish Swedish Farmdog) should be between 32-37 cm (+/- 2 cm) of height with a compact body. The relation between withers height and body length should be 9 to 10. The head is rather small and triangular with a well emphasised stop. The coat is hard, short and smooth in texture, with white as a dominating colour, with one or several pathes of different colour combinations. The tail could be long, half bobtail or bobtail.

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