Cimarrón Uruguayo

The Cimarrón Uruguayo (Uruguayan Cimarron) is a dog breeds of molosser type dog originating in Uruguay. The word cimarrón in Latin America is used to mean feral, referring to the breed's history.

Other names by which it is known in English are Cimarron, Cimarron Creole, Cimarron Dog, Maroon Dog, Cerro Largo Dog, Uruguayan Gaucho Dog, Perro Cimarron, possibly others. The breed is officially recognised in Uruguay and by the Fédération Cynologique Internationale with the name Cimarrón Uruguayo.

Cimarron Uruguayo Appearance

The Cimarrón Uruguayo is large in size, compact and muscular. The coat is short and usually brindle but may be a pale yellow ("bayo"), with a black face. Height of males at the withers is from 58 to 61 cms (22.8 to 24 ins) and weight is from 38 to 45 kgs (83.8 to 99.2 lbs). Adult females are slightly smaller.

Cimarron Uruguayo Temperament

The dog breed standard states that the dog should have great courage. As with all large dogs, the Cimarrón Uruguayo must be well socialized when very young if it is to be safely kept as a companion.

The Cimarrón Uruguayo is used for guarding, hunting, and all dog sports in its native Uruguay. The current president of Uruguay, Tabaré Vázquez, owns a Cimarrón dog.

Cimarron Uruguayo Health

The Cimarrón Uruguayo should be tested for hip and elbow dysplasia before breeding. Often the ears are cropped short when the dogs are very young. This is alleged to be in homage to the days when they were hunted (the ears were presented for the bounty.) Most fighting dog breeds have their ears severely cropped.

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