Chinese Imperial Dog

The purpose of the Chinese Imperial Dog is that of personal and family dog pet and companion. They are sturdy, happy, playful little dog breeds with an affectionate and loving temperament that is ideal for their role in life. Chinese Imperial Dog are intelligent, out-going, trusting and energetic little dogs that will also be content to sit quietly on a lap for as long as it is allowed. They are vivacious and cooperative with a streak of independence. Their facial expression is sweet, wide-eyed and innocent. They are compact, well boned and muscled dogs with substance appropriate to their size.

The Chinese Imperial Dog was first bred in China in the Imperial Palace where the smaller ones were carried by the nobility in the sleeves of their robes. After coming to the USA there were always breeders that bred the smaller dogs but the Chinese Imperial Dog did not receive recognition until March 2005.

  • Area of Origin: China
  • Date of Origin: 700 A.D. in some records.
  • Original Function: Foot Warmer to the Emperor
  • Today’s Function: companion
  • Height: Under 9 inches
  • Weight: Under 9 pounds
  • Coat: Trimmed to a puppy cut. Can be a beautiful assortment of colors including black, cream, blue, champagne, red, chocolate and many more.
  • Character: The Chinese Imperial has a temperament and is outgoing, friendly, affectionate, happy and trusting towards all.
  • Temperament: This dog is a playful, energetic little dog that also loves to lay quietly on a lap for as long as it is allowed.
  • Care: If the coat is kept according to the standard: occasional bathing, ear care and regular clipping.
  • Training: Easy, these dogs just want to please. They do well in puppy classes.
  • Activity: Low, but loves to play.

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