The Broholmer, also called the Danish Broholmer, is a large molosser dog breeds from Denmark, recognized by the Danish Kennel Club and the Fédération Cynologique Internationale. It has been employed as a guard dog in the homes of the wealthy. The breed's numbers dwindled severely during WWII, but the dog made a successful return in the 1970s.

The Denmark Broholmer is a dog that strongly resembles a mastiff dog breed, its large and powerful it has a loud impressive bark and dominant walk. A well trained Broholmer should be calm, good tempered, friendly, yet watchful towards strangers. Females stand about 27.5 inches (70 cm) and weigh in at 90–130 lbs (41–59 kg). Males stand about 29.5 inches (75 cm) and weigh in at 110–150 lbs (51–69 kg). The coat is short and harsh, and the color can be light or brownish yellow, or black, Some white markings on the coat are permitted and a black mask may be found. The average life span is around 7–12 years.

The Broholmer breed was generated from a cross between English Mastiffs and local dogs in Germany, and was named after Sehested of Broholm, a game-keeper who lived in the 1700s. During the Second World War, the Broholmer became a victim of the strife and almost went extinct, but was saved by a group of Danish enthusiasts after isolated members were found in the 1970s. King Frederick VII and his consort, Countess Danner were owners of several Broholmers and one of their portraits depicts them with one of their dogs. The breed was established in the early nineteenth century and was moderately popular, especially as a guard dog in the homes of wealthy Danes.The Breed was imported to the UK in 2009 with a view to being put on the UK kennel clubs import list.

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